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A project by Cally Trench and Tineke Bruijnzeels

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Galerie d'Anières, Switzerland - May 2015

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The Open Day took place on Saturday 9th May 2015, 12 noon to 6pm, with performances, activities for visitors, talks by artists, and a banquet where visitors could sit, eat, relax, and chat to the artists and other visitors. Vernissage: Samedi 9 mai 2015 12:00 à 18:00, avec performances, activités pour les visiteurs, présentations d'artistes, et un buffet où on peut s'asseoir, grignoter, trinquer, et parler avec les artistes. Exhibition hosted by Galerie d'Anières at 18 rue Centrale, 1247 Anières, Switzerland.

Drawing by Julia Rogers Drawing by Silvia Ziranek Drawing by Tony Moody
Drawing by June Kingsbury Drawing by Chris Mercier Drawing by Mariouh
Drawing by Imogen Welch

Drawing by Alan Franklin Drawing by Karin Janssen

Drawings by Julia Rogers, Silvia Ziranek, Tony Moody, June Kingsbury, Chris Mercier, Mariouh, Imogen Welch, Alan Franklin, Karin Janssen

From August 2013 to August 2014, Cally Trench, an English artist living in Buckinghamshire, and Tineke Bruijnzeels, a Dutch artist living in Switzerland each made a drawing every day, and sent the drawings to each other in weekly batches of seven.

D'août 2013 à août 2014, Cally Trench, une artiste anglaise vivant au Buckinghamshire et Tineke Bruijnzeels, une artiste néerlandaise vivant en Suisse, ont chacune fait un dessin par jour et se les sont envoyées par lots hebdomadaires.

Guest artists Nick Trench, Steve Perfect, Penny Matheson, Guy Tarrant, Rekha Sameer, Marco Calí, Sophie Loss, Jo Thomas, Valérie Mary, Ingrid Jensen, Eva Theytaz, Polly Binns, Brigitte Ritschard, Ann Piker, Ann Rapstoff, Roger Perkins, Nick Bodimeade, Neile Wright, Lydia Julien, Philip Lee, Jane Grisewood, Joan Skelton Smith, Kaliko, Anna Mitchell, Danielle Berthet, Pierre-Yves Freund, Neil Ferguson, Catherine Jacquet, Ann Harris, Linda Francis, Claire Deniau, Alex Dewart, Pierre Thorelle, Françoise Roueff, Judy Goldhill, John McDowall, Patrick Jeffs, Julia Rogers, Mary Yacoob, Silvia Ziranek, Tony Moody, June Kingsbury, Chris Mercier, Didier Merlin, Mariouh, Joanna Greenhill, Jean Davey Winter, Imogen Welch, Alan Franklin, Karin Janssen, and Camilla Maraschini.

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